Welcome to Virtual Lantern Fellowship: Fall 2020

Even though this weekend looks different from what we are used to experiencing together, it is wonderful to be connected with all of the Lantern Ladies again! The Steering Committee has worked hard, for many weeks, to create, curate, and provide a quality weekend for all of us to enjoy. We pray that our hiatus from in-person gathering won’t last too long, and we can’t wait to see everyone again soon!

Ways to Participate

There are many ways for you to enjoy this weekend’s fellowship!

At the time of the event: Go to the “Schedule” page and click on the title of the event you wish to join, a few minutes before it starts (or anytime during the activity.) This will launch the appropriate Zoom Call, or take you to the relevant video/materials.

  • Zoom information will be the same for every call, and is as follows:
    • Meeting ID: 355 130 6282
    • Password: 123456

Watch a replay: Visit the “Completed Activities” page to watch a replay of any event, at any time!

Free Time: Some extra activities have been provided for you on the “Free Time Activities” page. These are all camp-style fun, designed for you to complete on your own, and at your leisure. You may choose to do these at any time!

Snack Time! On the “Snack Time Recipes” page, you will find many tasty treats you can make at home! It’s not the same as being spoiled by the AMAZING snacks we get in person at camp, but for this it’ll have to do!

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