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Since 1928, Lantern Fellowship has offered a respite for women, of all generations, to come together in faith, fun, and fellowship while enjoying the peaceful beauty of nature.

Program: Naomi and Ruth- Loyalty Among Women

Rev. Christina St. Clair

Naomi and Ruth were Biblical examples of women from different times and different countries who through their strength, wisdom, and friendship teach us all about God’s enduring love. We will explore their story and have opportunities to listen deeply and prayerfully, reflect and share our stories to increase our awareness of the importance of women and create community.

Reverend Christina St. Clair has written and published articles, essays, and many novels. She has an M.A. in pastoral ministry and is trained in spiritual direction. She has developed and led many spirituality groups and has pastored two mainstream Protestant churches. She is currently a supply preacher for First Congregational UCC in Huntington, WV. Writing, spirituality and ministry come together in her latest novel, Naomi and Ruth: Loyalty Among Women.