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Since 1928, Lantern Fellowship has offered a respite for women, of all generations, to come together in faith, fun, and fellowship while enjoying the peaceful beauty of nature.

Program: Following Fred

Rev. Benjamin George

What we already know: Culture has shifted. Churches can no longer expect people to flock into their doors. We need to go out into the world.
What we do not know: How to be IN the world. We have forgotten how to be neighbors. We don’t have non-Christian friendships, nor do we know where to start to develop them.
Join us as we explore the theological worldview of Mr. Rogers, so we can re-enter our neighborhoods, not just return to our churches.
Rev. Benjamin George is the Pastor & Director of Camp Wakonda in Sherrodsville, Ohio, which is owned and operated by Christ Presbyterian Church, Canton, Ohio. He has served in this role for the last three years, but has been involved in the Wakonda community for the last 20 years. It was at this camp that Ben met his wife, Kate, and where they held their wedding ceremony. Ben attended Princeton Theological Seminary, and served as the Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Minerva, Ohio for 7 years. Now living at the camp, Ben and Kate raise their three children, Levi (10), Ezekiel (7), and Abram (5). Family time is their number one priority. However, when there is spare time, Ben enjoys video gaming, reading, and the great outdoors.