Lantern Fellowship

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Since 1928, Lantern Fellowship has offered a respite for women, of all generations, to come together in faith, fun, and fellowship while enjoying the peaceful beauty of nature.

Living A Resurrection Life:
Prayer, Pictures, Pondering, & Presence

Rev. Dr. David Long-Higgins

The ancients of Christianity noticed that our lives are filled with little dyings and risings that precede our final dying and rising in Christ. This was not just a philosophical observation, but a lived reality. So too, in our own time, we are invited by God to discover the work of Love to redeem and heal and give rise to life out of the deaths that visit us in various ways and forms. Together we will explore the power of God’s resurrection love at work in our experiences by allowing prayer, pictures, ponderings, and presence to permeate our stories and our gathering. Especially in this time of weariness where the weight of the world feels heavy, we will explore the ways in which God is at work lightening the burden we so often try to carry on our own. We hope you will join us for a weekend of uplift and encouragement.

95th Anniversary
Lantern Jackets

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Wrap-Up of Fall 2022

Though we were a little small in number, we thoroughly enjoyed the leadership of Rev. Imani Jones!  She really brought the genealogy of Jesus to life.  We also shared a lovely birthday celebration with Lois Paul as she attained 100 years young!  Who knew that we were amongst royalty with Miss Avon Lake 1939?  We were able to give $1105.00 to Camp 2.0 to help with operations.  Margaret Barr brought us hand-knitted hats from Johanna Caloway, a member of her church at St. Peter UCC.  If you took home some of the hats and passed them on, the church and Johanna would love to hear how they were a blessing to someone else.  Thank you notes can be sent to St. Peter UCC, 125 E. Ridgewood Rd., Seven Hills, OH 44131 or brought to Spring Lantern Fellowship.